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Repeal, Replace or Fix the Affordable Care Act?

I have tried to not use this page as a conduit for my political leanings. I have tried not to foster the panic and extremism that is rampant at this point. However, this is no longer possible for me. As a long time insurance broker and provider of support and resources to people facing the transitions life brings and as a generally caring and vocal American I MUST SPEAK!
As I am writing this I also realized that this commentary isn’t necessarily political, it’s not left or right, not radical, progressive, center or even extreme; it’s just the TRUTH. If we continue to move along this dangerous road to repealing OBAMACARE or the ACA and rolling back the Medicaid expansion that has given so many millions of people access to healthcare, we are not the country I am so very proud of. Instead of this horrible development that has come from our Senate, how about recognizing that some of what is in place now is working and focus on fixing what isn’t? We are in danger of becoming a country that has a federal government that doesn’t represent the will of the majority. We will be turning a blind eye, a deaf ear to the needs of all of us. This isn’t something that will be enacted in Washington and have no impact on the rest of the country – this is going to AFFECT ALL OF US!
Let me say that again: ALL OF US.
It is an unconscionable mistake.
As an insurance veteran, I have been witness to years and years and years of dialogue about this complex, extremely important issue facing our nation. I have listened to industry leaders, medical professionals, consumers both healthy and not and bottom line? 

Healthcare and access to it should be a human right. It’s not something that is only available to those that can afford it. We are the United States of America – UNITED PEOPLE!!!! We all need to remember that if we as a country can keep our people on the path to good, sustainable health – we are all better off.

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