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Talking with Ellen Goodman about Death, Alzheimer’s and The Conversation

Despite documented evidence showing that even thinking about your own death can create a feeling of peace and calm that […]
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Are Women As Caregivers Getting A Raw Deal?

We’ve been talking about this a lot. We offer practical advice and support for all caregivers. It’s no fun feeling […]
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Advisor Today – May/June 2016 – Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Here’s the latest post from LifeCycles founder Lisa Horowitz in the May/June edition of NAIFA-National’s publication, Advisor Today, where Lisa […]
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Confined to Nursing Homes, but Longing (and Ready) for Home

When considering the needs of our elders, we must pay particular attention to the needs of our disabled loved ones, […]
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Wishes for end-of-life care often ignored, survey finds – The Boston Globe

This is one of the reasons we do what we do – to help families make sure that their loved […]
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Girls! Why are we more likely to care for our elderly parents (while our brothers do nothing)?

Although this article and the study it references are a couple years old, the trend persists. One of the reasons […]
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The New Wisdom on Caregiving and Aging – An Interview With Ellen Goodman (Pt. 2)

April, 2016 In talking with Ellen Goodman about her work with The Conversation Project, we touched on the fact that […]
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Will You Be Your Parents’ Caregiver? 3 Things You Need to Do Now

My family turns to me when things get bumpy. Not just the insurance person in the family but long considered […]
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The New Wisdom on Caregiving and Aging – An Interview With Ellen Goodman (Pt. 1) March, 2016

LifeCycles is devoted to helping families manage the myriad of practical issues and concerns that arise when aging loved ones […]
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On Eve of Retirement, Savings for Medical Costs Can Fall Short

William Seavey, 69, does not fret about paying future medical expenses. He and his wife, Eleanor, are healthy. And they […]
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LifeCycles: Resource Management for Lives in Transition

Knowledge is power, peace of mind and the source of sound decision making. It’s that simple. And so is LifeCycles: Resource Management for Lives in Transition. LifeCycles founder, Lisa Horowitz offers personal guidance to individuals, care-givers and family members when life suddenly throws you a curveball, and you realize nothing will be the same again.

There are so many decisions to make. LifeCycles has the medical, legal and institutional knowledge and resources to answer the most complex questions and to provide the most simple and cost-effective solutions to situations regarding: Medicare, Medicaid, long term care, health insurance, social security benefits, after life benefits, life insurance, survivor benefits, annuities, transitions to assisted living , benefits analysis, estate liquidation and more.

In the same way that patient advocates offer assistance navigating the complex new normal of the healthcare landscape, LifeCycles offers a holistic approach to managing and coordinating the details of the broader terrain surrounding difficult medical transitions.

Lisa Horowitz’s extensive professional and practical experience has given her a broad skillset suited to serving both traditional and nontraditional families. Her familiarity with difficult situations and formidable problem solving skills make her ideally suited to work on your behalf when you need help the most.



March’s #VolunteerSpotlight features Wilma, a 70-year-old, first time #DFTAVolunteer. On a rainy Tuesday afternoon, she volunteered her time through a Unique Opportunity with the...



DFTAVRC recognizes BlackHistoryMonth and Nelson Mandela’s commitment and legacy of service. Volunteer Tuesday

The Allen Senior Center


Stylin’ Seniors…The Allen Senior Center, at 166-01 Linden Blvd #1 in Jamaica, Queens, has a celebrity in its midst in Willie L. Goodwin, 81.

Bill, as he likes to be called,...


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