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What Is Pension Maximization and How Does It Work?

Most pension plans offer a single-life annuity (single-pay) option and a joint-life annuity (survivor benefit) option. A single-life annuity will […]
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Will You Be Your Parents’ Caregiver?

As we approach the anniversary of the beginning of my story: 3 Things You Need to Do Now My family […]
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All and I mean all of my friends are caring for Aging Parents

  All my friends (and I mean all) are taking care of aging parents. Let’s face it; I am at […]
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Repeal, Replace or Fix the Affordable Care Act?

I have tried to not use this page as a conduit for my political leanings. I have tried not to […]
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Divorce and Insurance: A Basic Primer

As a veteran insurance broker with almost thirty years’ experience, one maxim has always rung true: KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. It […]
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My Client Passed Away

Remembering her with warmth and always laughter. My work with Lifecycles usually leads me to working with people caring for […]
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The Holiday Season: Great time to start a conversation about aging

How important it is to openly discuss aging, death and family member’s wishes around getting older. Why is it so […]
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You Are Not The Only One

How many times have I said this to friends, acquaintances, colleagues and clients? Every single time one of them confides […]
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Why is it so difficult to talk with loved ones about the practical issues pertaining to growing older

Why is it so difficult to talk with loved ones about the practical issues pertaining to growing older, weaker and […]
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Blog for SAS Karen tried to balance caring for her parents with her full time job. First she went down […]
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LifeCycles: Resource Management for Lives in Transition

Knowledge is power, peace of mind and the source of sound decision making. It’s that simple. And so is LifeCycles: Resource Management for Lives in Transition. LifeCycles founder, Lisa Horowitz offers personal guidance to individuals, care-givers and family members when life suddenly throws you a curveball, and you realize nothing will be the same again.

There are so many decisions to make. LifeCycles has the medical, legal and institutional knowledge and resources to answer the most complex questions and to provide the most simple and cost-effective solutions to situations regarding: Medicare, Medicaid, long term care, health insurance, social security benefits, after life benefits, life insurance, survivor benefits, annuities, transitions to assisted living , benefits analysis, estate liquidation and more.

In the same way that patient advocates offer assistance navigating the complex new normal of the healthcare landscape, LifeCycles offers a holistic approach to managing and coordinating the details of the broader terrain surrounding difficult medical transitions.

Lisa Horowitz’s extensive professional and practical experience has given her a broad skillset suited to serving both traditional and nontraditional families. Her familiarity with difficult situations and formidable problem solving skills make her ideally suited to work on your behalf when you need help the most.



March’s #VolunteerSpotlight features Wilma, a 70-year-old, first time #DFTAVolunteer. On a rainy Tuesday afternoon, she volunteered her time through a Unique Opportunity with the...



DFTAVRC recognizes BlackHistoryMonth and Nelson Mandela’s commitment and legacy of service. Volunteer Tuesday

The Allen Senior Center


Stylin’ Seniors…The Allen Senior Center, at 166-01 Linden Blvd #1 in Jamaica, Queens, has a celebrity in its midst in Willie L. Goodwin, 81.

Bill, as he likes to be called,...


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